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Fountains Abbey showing west window with Darnton rebus at the top

Staindrop Church where the largest number of Darnton life events have taken place since 1530.

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Darnton Marriages 1700 - 1799

Table 5 Darnton Marriages 1700 to 1799
Date Forename(s) Place Spouse Name(s) See Chart Source Notes
26-NOV-1700 Humphry Brancpeth Jane Pickering   DM - Vol 2  
19-AUG-1701 Xto. Leeds, St. Peter Susanna Flather 170?; 272 orig files  
07-MAY-1702 George Barnard Castle Margaret Metcalfe   orig files  
09-MAY-1702 Ann Bishop Middleham Cuthbert Brack   PR  
02-FEB-1703 Margreta Denton Thomas Sedgwick   orig files  
24-DEC-1704 John Westminster Anne Righton   orig files  
28-MAY-1705 Christopher Darlington Margt Peacock   orig files  
15-MAY-1711 Margaret Bishop Middleham Nicholas Harrison   orig files  
09-AUG-1713 Richard Winston Margarett Brumwell 258 orig files  
18-AUG-1713 George Darlington Ann Trueman 170?; 263 orig files  
02-MAY-1715 John Hurworth Elizabeth Searl   DM - Vol 4  
10-MAY-1716 Martha Leeds, St. Peter Jno. Saymoore   orig files  
19-FEB-1717 Margt. Staindrop Andrew Marshal   orig files  
24-NOV-1717 Mary Norton John Williamson   orig files  
26-NOV-1717 Eliz. Leeds, St. Peter Mat. Hanson 272 orig files  
13-SEP-1718 Cuthbert Durham, St. Nicholas Jane Browne 150A orig files  
18-APR-1719 Jane Brancepeth Thomas Wilson   orig files  
04-MAY-1724 An Durham, St. Oswald William Richardson   orig files  
21-AUG-1724 Elizabeth Durham John Newton   orig files  
18-OCT-1726 Robert Ovingham Jane Lawson 264A orig files  
18-FEB-1728 Susanna Grindon by Stockton Jonathan Todd   orig files  
07-MAY-1728 Jane Billingham Willm. Jeekill   orig files  
19-JUN-1728 Sarah Leeds, St. Peter Joseph Sigstone   orig files  
06-NOV-1729 John Tynemouth Alice Thompson   orig files  
18-MAY-1730 Margt. Durham Will. Arrowsmith   orig files  
20-AUG-1730 Humphry Durham Mary Wilkinson   orig files  
08-SEP-1730 William Durham Mary Todd   orig files  
29-JAN-1731 Jane Durham Edward Arrowsmith   orig files  
17-DEC-1732 Alice South Shields John Albony   orig files  
01-JUL-1733 Isabel Elton Robert Brown   orig files  
31-OCT-1734 John Auckland St. Andrew Hannah Bell   orig files  
29-FEB-1735 Mary Beverley Thomas Bradley   orig files  
20-MAY-1736 Ellin Billingham John Watson   orig files  
05-AUG-1736 Margret Winston Hugh Hodgson   orig files  
07-DEC-1736 Hannah Darlington Thomas Crosby   orig files  
10-NOV-1737 Thomas Darlington Elizabeth Bird 261 orig files  
25-APR-1739 Janet Dunfermline James Black   orig files  
17-NOV-1739 Charles Durham, St. Mary-le-Bow Catherine Robinson   orig files Sunderland?
11-NOV-1741 Esther Darlington Robert Robinson 261 orig files  
24-FEB-1744 Jane Staindrop John Vicars   orig files  
26-DEC-1745 John Auckland St. Helen Sarah Linsley   orig files  
05-NOV-1746 John Gosport Mary Upshell   orig files  
24-NOV-1747 Edmund Darlington Elizabeth Dixon 261 orig files  
28-NOV-1749 Dorothy Hackney George Handerson   orig files  
18-SEP-1750 Thomas Forcett Mary Harrisson   orig files  
31-DEC-1750 Elizebeth Barnard Castle Robert Wood   orig files  
13-MAY-1753 Mary Winston Matthias Deighton 258 orig files  
24-JUN-1754 Jane Durham John Brownbridge   orig files b 03-NOV-1725
01-DEC-1754 Henry Staindrop Mary Walker 150A PR  
19-JAN-1755 Joanna Winston Joseph Goundry 258 orig files  
15-NOV-1757 Mary Leeds Samuel Walker   orig files  
24-NOV-1757 John Leeds, St. Peter Ann Storey   orig files  
12-MAY-1758 John Winston Elizabeth Smelt 258 PR  
14-DEC-1758 John Liverpool Eliz. Dinmore   orig files  
16-OCT-1759 Mary Leeds, St. Peter Thomas Greenwood   orig files  
30-JUN-1761 Newrick Stockton Elizabeth Marshall 150 orig files  
07-JUN-1763 Humphrey London Elizabeth Halliwell   GCI  
13-JUN-1763 Mark Darlington Elizabeth Rymer   orig files 1763?
18-JUL-1764 John Gainford Jane Musgrave   orig files  
09-FEB-1766 Ann Trowbridge Edward Long   orig files  
17-JUN-1767 William Darnten Minety Elizabeth Hillier   orig files  
05-JUN-1769 Susanna Leeds, St. Peter Matthew Talbot   orig files  
14-NOV-1770 Mary York Leonard Godson   orig files  
03-DEC-1770 Robert York Elizabeth Prince 264 orig files  
16-JAN-1771 Eleanor Houghton le Spring John Story   orig files  
09-MAY-1771 Elizabeth Brancpeth James Clark   orig files  
29-OCT-1772 Jane Gainford Chris Wetherell   orig files  
09-OCT-1775 Susanna Shoreditch John Killick   orig files  
16-JAN-1776 Elizabeth Leeds, St. Peter Leonard Newsom   orig files  
28-JUL-1777 John Leeds, St. Peter Ann Healey 221/170 orig files  
12-MAR-1778 Ann Shoreditch Thomas Shippon   GCI s - 21+, b - 28+
14-MAY-1781 Ann Winston Wm Ridley   orig files  
28-APR-1783 Isabella Richmond near Leyburn William Moorhead   orig files  
13-FEB-1785 Jane Westminster John Hendersen   orig files  
01-OCT-1785 Martin Durham Dorothy Verty   orig files  
26-JUL-1787 Jane Winston William Neesham   orig files  
17-APR-1788 Henry Westminster Sarah Hallewell   orig files  
02-NOV-1788 Newark Lythe Hannah Saunderson 250 orig files  
29-MAR-1789 Margaret Gateshead Thomas Langhorne   orig files  
14-FEB-1790 Margaret Leeds, St. Peter Arthur Wilkinson   orig files  
07-MAY-1790 Christopher Stockton Margaret Whorlton 150 orig files  
10-NOV-1792 Sarah Huttons Ambo Richard Yeoman   orig files  
08-JUN-1796 Benjamin Leeds, St. Peter Ann Murgatroyd   orig files  
23-APR-1797 Mary Norton by Malton William Jones   orig files